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 Frequent Code Violations
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Abandoned or Disabled Property - Section 21-25
Any abandoned property, such as inoperable vehicles, old appliances, furniture, machinery, materials, etc., must be stored in a completely enclosed building or removed from the property.

Boat and Recreational Vehicle Parking - Section 3.06.03 (I)
Boats, boat trailers and recreational vehicles must be parked in such a way to meet the single family front and secondary front yard setbacks established by Chapter 3 of the Land Development Regulations.

Building and Sign Permits - Section 14.14.03 (A)
The erection, alteration or reconstruction of any building, shed or structure, including signs, shall not be commenced without a building permit. Signs shall be not be placed in the right-of-way.

Home Occupations - Section 10.01.06
A home occupation may be allowed for office use only, as an accessory use in a bona fide dwelling unit or accessory building on the same lot as the main building, subject to certain requirements. A business tax (occupational license) must be paid for all home occupations.

Occupying RV’s - Section 3.01.04
RVs cannot be occupied except in a designated RV park or campground.

Overgrown Property - Section 14-55
No person within the County shall allow his or her property, of less than one acre, to become overgrown with weeds, vegetation or other plant matter.

Parking of Semi’s, Buses, etc. - Section 3.06.03 (A)
It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle with a "Gross Vehicle Weight Rating" of 12,000 lbs or more in residential zoning districts (Emergency and on call vehicles are exempt). Semi parking is limited to parcels with five acres or more having a residence on the property. Parking is prohibited on vacant lots.

Trash and Debris - Section 21-55
No person shall within the County allow their property to become filled with materials, trash, garbage or rubbish of any kind.

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