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 Lake County Ordinances
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Lake County Ordinances are codified in the Lake County Code. Municipal Code Corporation of Tallahassee, Fla., handles the distribution of the Code for the County. Access the Code at www.municode.com or obtain copies by contacting the Municipal Code Corporation office at

Adopted Ordinances
The following general ordinances have been adopted by the County, but are not yet included in the Code.
Ordinance Number General Subject
Ordinance 2017-12 This Ordinance is to amend Chapter 18, Article V, entitled "Uniform Street Addressing System" to clarify the requirements for road naming and the placement of road name signs along existing public and private roads withing the unincorporated county, and private rouads taken into the maintenance system through the special assessment program.
Ordinance 2017-13 This Ordinance will amend Section 7-2, Lake County Code, entitled Definitions, Section 7-3, Lake 2 County Code, entitled General Authority and Administration, and 7-4, Lake County Code, entitled 3 Business Development Programs. The purpose of this Ordinance is to create an Economic 4 Development Grant Incentive Program, whereby a targeted business may be eligible for incentive 5 funding for high wage full-time job creation and capital investment.
Ordinance 2017-14 Following an opinion by the United States Supreme Court that a local government may not impose more stringent restrictions on directional signs then on signs conveying a message, the County seeks through this ordinance to repeal and replace Lake County Code, Appendix E, Land Development Regulations, Chapter XI entitled "Signs" by removing regulations that were dependent on the communicative content of the sign. The ordinance also amends Lake County Code, Appendix E, Land Development Regulations, Chapter II entitled "Definitions, to delete or amend definitions of types of signs defined based ipon the content of the sign. This ordinance also amends Chapter XI by deleting the requirements for sign landscaping and modifying the size requirements for sizes in multiple zoning districts, modifying the number of days for displaying temporary signs to ninety (90) days, and deleting provisions which specifically regulated special event signs.
Ordinance 2017-15 The purpose of this ordinance is to require officers and candidates to electronically file campaign finance reports through a filing system to be developed and established by the Lake County Supervisor of Elections.
Ordinance 2017-16 The purpose of this Ordinance is to amend Lake County Code, Chapter 4 entitled “Animals” to change the code to be consistent with the Florida Statutes, specifically in regards to changes made to Chapter 767, Florida Statutes by way of Laws of Florida Chapter 2016-16 (HB 91). The purpose of this Ordinance is to also amend Chapter 4 to clarify the separation of animal control services into enforcement activities to be performed by the Lake County Sheriff and shelter operations to be performed by the County.
Ordinance 2017-17 This Ordinance adopts the Model Ordinance for Florida-Friendly Fertilizer Use on Urban Landscapes, 2015 edition as amended, in order to comply with the requirements of Section 373.807(2), Florida Statutes. This Ordinance aids in reducing nutrient load to groundwater and surface water systems within unincorporated Lake County, restates existing State certification requirements for commercial applicators, and requires the use of industry accepted Best Management Practices (BMP) for the application of fertilizer for both commercial and private applicators.
Ordinance 2017-24 An ordinance of the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida; amending Lake County Code, Chapter 3, Article IX, entitled "Medical Cannabis Activities"; extending the temporary moratorium until August 31, 2017 within the unincorporated areas of Lake County prohibiting medical cannabis activities; prohibiting the tax collector from issuing any new business tax receipts countywide for medical cannabis activitied during the extended moratorium period; removing wholesale uses from the definition of medical cannabis activities; providing for inclusion in the code; providing for severability; providing for filing with the Department of State; and providing for an effective date.
Ordinance 2017-25 This Ordinance creates a new Section 22-8, Lake County Code, entitled Waiver of Educational Impact Fees for School Capacity. The purpose of this ordinance is to allow a full waiver of educational impact fees when construction takes place in areas with available school capacity as defined in the ordinance. The granting of the impact fee waiver would be contingent upon the School Board setting aside sufficient funding to cover the waived amounts. This Ordinance also amends Section 22-14 by clarifying that the replacement or renovation of an existing dwelling will be exempt from the payment of additional impact fees. This Ordinance also amends Section 22-11 to amend numbering of subsections referred to in the Section.
Proposed Ordinances
The following general ordinances are being proposed but have not yet been adopted by the County, or have been adopted but have not yet been filed with the Secretary of State:
Public Hearing Date(s) General Subject
May 23, 2017 This ordinance creates Section 22-26, Lake County Code, to be entitled Alternative Educational Impact Fee Study. The purpose of this ordinance is to allow a person seeking to develop land to prepare and submit an alternative impact fee study in lieu of paying the adopted rates.
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