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 Definitions of Solid Waste

Bulk Items
A large item that is discarded by a Customer on their Residential Property as a result of normal housekeeping activities, which cannot be placed in a Garbage Cart because of its size, shape, and weight. Bulk Waste includes, but is not limited to, White Goods, furniture, materials resulting from home improvement projects, fixtures, sinks, toilets, ladders, electronic equipment, and carpet. Bulk Items do not include items defined as Exempt Waste or large items that are not found in a residential Dwelling Unit.

Contractor Generated Waste
Any waste that is generated, collected, and/or transported and delivered to a County Solid Waste facility by a business entity.

Exempt Waste
Bio-hazardous, Biomedical or Biological Waste, Contractor-generated Waste, Special Items, Hazardous Waste, Sludge, automobiles, automobile parts, boats, boat parts, boat trailers, internal combustion engines, lead-acid batteries, used oil, Yard Trash which is four (4) feet or more in its longest dimension or six (6) inches or more in diameter or weighs more than fifty (50) pounds, or any Residential or Commercial Solid Waste for which there is no legally permitted disposal or storage facility within Lake County, or any combination thereof.

Electronic Waste or E-waste
Items such as computers, telephone, VCRs, televisions, fax machines, keyboards, CD or DVD Players. These items can be brought to Convenience Center locations for disposal and recycling.

Recyclable Materials
olid waste and designated solid waste materials that are lawfully capable of being recycled. The following materials qualify as recyclable materials:

  • Newspaper, magazines, telephone books, and cardboard
  • Plastic beverage containers (#1 through #7, any color)
  • Clear, brown and green food and beverage glass
  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Steel cans including tin food and pet food cans

Please see instructions for proper disposal of these recylable materials.

Residential Solid Waste
Any garbage, rubbish, yard trash or bulk Item that is usual to housekeeping. Residential Waste must be generated by the customer at the On-Service Dwelling Unit, where the Residential Solid Waste is collected, and does not include items defined above or Exempt Waste.

White Goods
Discarded refrigerators, ranges, water heaters, freezers, and other similar domestic appliances. White Goods must be generated by the customer at the Dwelling Unit, where the White Goods are collected.

Yard Trash
Vegetative matter resulting from routine and periodic yard and landscaping maintenance which is less than four (4) feet in length in its longest dimension or less than six (6) inches in diameter or weighs less than fifty (50) pounds or any combination thereof. Yard Trash does not include items defined above as Exempt Waste.

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