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 Taking precautions to protect pets and safeguard against disoriented wildlife

Humans are not the only ones that can be affected by a storm.

Pets and wildlife can become disoriented after an event like a hurricane. From snakes slithering into homes to dogs getting lost in their own backyards, there are a number of issues to consider when dealing with animals after a storm.

One particular concern in Lake County, is high winds may have knocked down fences corralling livestock. In addition to downed power lines and trees, motorists need to be aware that there may be loose livestock on roadways.

To prepare residents for other unexpected conditions, the following tips should help when dealing with animals.

Pets after a storm
Do not let pets roam free. Familiar landmarks and smells might be gone making a pet disoriented. Pets can easily get lost in such a situation.

If a house is damaged, keep dogs on leashes and cats in carriers inside the home as they could escape and become lost.

Be patient with pets after a hurricane. Try to get them back into their normal routines as soon as possible and be ready for behavioral problems that may result from the stressful situation. If behavioral problems persist, or if a pet seems to be having health problems, consult a veterinarian.

Wildlife after a storm
With numerous downed trees, wildlife will be displaced. Do not approach wildlife, they may be injured and disoriented after the storm.

With flooding conditions, snakes are often forced into places of higher ground in and around buildings where they are not usually found. Before beginning any storm cleanup, search the area thoroughly for snakes.

Similar to snakes, many rodents will seek higher ground near a building during a flooding situation. Structures damaged by the storm are particularly attractive and provide easy access to rodents. The unwelcome pests can cause property damage and can pose a potential health concern. Remove all debris around structures that can provide protective cover for rodents and any potential food source such as household trash.

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