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 Mobile Home Permitting

If a mobile home is pre-owned, the owner will need to obtain a "Pre-Inspection Permit" prior to obtaining a set-up permit. The purpose of the "Pre-Inspection Permit" is to inspect the home to ensure that is a safe, habitable home. If a mobile home is new, proceed to the instructions for obtaining a Mobile Home Permit.

How to Obtain a Pre-Inspection

  1. Complete a permit application
  2. A current tax receipt with full legal description or current property record card is needed. (A recorded deed may be required to show current ownership).
  3. Obtain a Zoning Permit for the location the mobile home is being moved to.
  4. Take these items to the Office of Building Services for a permit.
  5. Permit cost $121.

What is Needed for a Mobile Home Set-up Permit

Pursuant to Florida State Statute, only a licensed mobile home installer may obtain a mobile home set-up permit. A homeowner cannot pull a Mobile Home Set-up Permit.

  1. Zoning Permit — obtained from the Zoning Department located on the fifth floor of the Administration Building.
  2. Environmental Health — located on the first floor (This is required if the property uses a well or septic tank system).
  3. Application for Building Permit — including owner information, job address, type of work being done, job value, square footage of the home, correct directions to the jobsite, contractor information and sub-contractor information (including all license numbers).
  4. Current tax receipt, property record card or recorded warranty deed — showing the current owner of the property.
  5. Two plot plans — showing the lot dimensions, lot drainage, location of any and all structures (existing and proposed location of home), and distances to property lines, and wetlands if applicable.
  6. Two floor plans (if this is a new home, a manufacturers floor plan must be provided).
  7. Two copies of the Mobile Home Set-Up Certificate (completely filled out).
  8. Flood papers — Wetland Affidavit (will be given by zoning if applicable).
  9. Notice of Commencement (PDF) — This is required if the job value is $2,500 or greater. (This gives notice that the property is being improved.)
  10. Driveway application — this is required if property entrance is on a County maintained road.
  11. Impact Letter (This can be obtained from the Property Appraiser's Office, which is located on the third floor of the Historical Courthouse). This is needed to obtain a credit, if impact fees have been previously paid on a property.

Sub Contractors

All sub contractors must be named at the time when applying for a permit on a mobile home. Any sub contractor named must be licensed. Call Lake County Office of Building Services to verify if a sub contractor is licensed and active in Lake County. If the owner of the mobile home wishes to perform their own plumbing, electric, or mechanical work, they must apply separately for an owner/builder permit to do the work.

For additional questions on the permitting process, call the Office of Building Services at 352-343-9653.

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