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Employment Opportunities

Please refer to the Employment Opportunities page.

Employment Policies & Procedures
Employment Policies & Procedures Desktop Icon This Employment Policies & Procedures Icon is installed on all employee's desktops. The Employment Policies Manual was approved on October 1, 2011. Click here to view the manual in its entirety. All Board-approved amendments are reflected in this online version. See the table of contents below for policies included in the Manual.
Section 1 - Welcome
1.1 Foreword  
1.2 Introduction and Purpose
1.3 Applicability and Authority
Lake County's Vision, Mission and Values  
Section 2 - Being a Public Sector Employee
2.1 Code of Ethics  
2.2 Political Activity
2.3 Outside Employment
2.4 Dress Code
Uniforms ES-2.04.01
2.5 Parking Garage
Parking Garage ES-4.03.01
LCC-94: Direct Deposit  
Section 3 - Personnel Management
3.1 Equal Employment Opportunity
Recruitment ES-3.01.01
Veterans Preference ES-3.01.02
3.2 Classification and Pay Plan
Classification and Pay Plan ES-3.02.01
Employee Performance Evaluations ES-3.02.02
3.3 Employee Status
Types of Work Status ES-3.03.01
Employment Separations ES-3.03.02
Reduction in Force (Layoff) ES-3.03.04
Employee Benefits ES-3.03.05
Employee Quarterly & Annual Awards ES-3.03.06
Internship Program ES-3.03.08
3.4 Management Employees  
Section 4 - Workplace Policies & Procedures
4.1 Work Hours and Overtime
Designated Work Hours and Overtime ES-4.04.01
Lactation in the Workplace ES-4.04.02
Working From Remote Locations ES-4.04.05
Flexible Scheduling ES-4.04.06
Acceptable Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Record ES-4.05.01
Acceptable Driving Record ES-4.05.02
4.2 Corrective Action
Corrective Action Administration ES-4.01.01
4.3 Drug Free Workplace
Drug Free Workplace Program ES-4.02.01
4.4 Harassment (Including Sexual Harassment)  
4.5 Sexual Misconduct  
4.6 Workplace Violence
Workplace Violence ES-4.06.01
Section 5 - Safe & Healthy Working Environment
5.1 Safety Policy

Safety Program ES-5.01.01
Safety Shoes ES-5.01.03
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Program ES-5.01.04
Powered Industrial Vehicle ES-5.01.05
Hazard Communication Program ES-5.01.06
Respiratory Protection Program ES-5.01.07
Confined Space Entry (510.003)
Lockout/Tagout Program ES-5.01.09
Emergency Action Plan (510.005)
Hearing Conservation Program ES-5.01.10

5.2 Use of Tobacco Products  
5.3 Workers' Compensation and Property & Liability Programs
Workers' Compensation Program ES-5.02.01
Property & Liability Program ES-5.02.02
Workers' Compensation and Property & Liability Claims Settlement LCC-72
Workers' Compensation and Property & Liability Claims Committee ES-5.03.01
Self-Funded Medical Plan Amendments LCC-85
Section 6 - Types of Leave & Assistance
6.1 Leave Accruals
Leave Accrual Administration ES-6.01.01
6.2 Holidays
6.3 Sick Leave Bank
Sick Leave Bank ES-6.03.02
6.4 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) ES-6.04.08
Military Family Leave (Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) ES-6.04.11
6.5 Leave of Absence
6.6 Other Types of Leave
Domestic Violence Leave ES-6.04.05
6.7 Educational Assistance
Employment Related Documents
Corrective Action Form - Verbal Counseling
Corrective Action Form - Written Warning
Corrective Action Form - Formal Discipline
Professional Fire Fighters of Lake County
The following is applicable to employees covered by the Professional Fire Fighters of Lake County Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA):

The following policies in this Employment Policies Manual, dated 10/01/11, do not apply to employees/positions covered by the Professional Fire Fighters of Lake County Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The applicable policy from the Lake County Policies and Practices Employee Manual effective 9/07/99 (1999 Manual) and/ or the corresponding Article from the CBA are listed below.
2.3 Outside Employment 1999 Manual, Section 13: Outside Employment and CBA Article 20: Outside Employment
4.1 Work Hours and Overtime CBA Article 23: Hours of Work and Overtime
4.2 Corrective Action 1999 Manual, Section 29: Corrective Action and CBA Article 9: Discipline
5.2 Use of Tobacco CBA Article 19: Tobacco Use
Forms for Firefighters and Lieutenants only
Corrective Action Form Fire - Verbal Warning
Corrective Action Form Fire - Written Warning
Corrective Action Form Fire - Suspension Without Pay
Corrective Action Form Fire - Termination/Discharge
Professional Fire Fighters of Lake County Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)
Collective Bargaining Agreement - Professional Fire Fighters, IAFF, Local 3990 (2009)
Collective Bargaining Agreement - Professional Fire Fighters, IAFF, Local 3990 (Oct 2011)
Job Summaries & Pay Grades

Please refer to the Job Summaries & Pay Grades page.

Pay Plan

Please refer to the Pay Plan listing page.

Supervisor Login (Job Applications)

You can review job applications from home by using the Employee Application Portal.

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