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Do I need a Sign Permit?

It is the intent of Lake County to provide regulations to preserve scenic, economic and aesthetic values, including the special character and attractiveness of its communities.

No permit is required for the maintenance of a sign or for a change of copy on painted, printed or changeable copy signs.

A permit is required for placement of a sign. The Zoning Division has moved to paperless Zoning Permit. Contact the Zoning Division to for assistance at (352) 343-9641.

What types of signs are prohibited?

  • Abandoned signs
  • Signs erected on public property including public right-of-way by a private entity unless authorized by the governing authority
  • Beacons or flashing lights
  • Any series of two or more signs placed in a line parallel to a right-of-way that conveys a single cumulative message.
  • Pole signs unless it is a real estate, construction or temporary sign
  • Unsafe signs
  • Snipe signs
  • Portable signs except for use as agricultural signs and special event signs
  • Any sign which obstructs visibility at an intersection according to the Manual of Uniform Minimum Standards for Design Construction and Maintenance for Streets and Highways, State of Florida, 1993, and as determined by the Lake County Public Works Department
  • Signs imitating or resembling official traffic or government signs or signals
  • Roof signs
  • Advertising flags
  • Signs placed on vehicles or trailers, which are parked or located for the primary purpose of displaying said sign. This does not apply to buses, taxicabs and similar common carrier vehicles
  • Signs that create traffic or pedestrian hazards
  • Off-premises sign

Are any signs exempt?

  • Any directional or informational sign erected by a government or political subdivision
  • Identification signs or nameplates that do not exceed two square feet of copy area
  • Window signs
  • Any sign carried by a person
  • Agricultural signs related to bona fide agricultural products which are raised or grown on the property on which they are located, not to exceed 32 square feet. One sign per street frontage is allowed.
  • On-premise temporary signs for garage sales, provided such signs are not placed on any street right-of-way
  • Holiday, seasonal or commemorative decorations provided that commercial advertising on such signs is limited to logos and benevolent text.
  • Incidental/promotional signs which do not exceed six square feet of copy area, i.e., gas pump toppers and bank drive-through cards.

Each district and sign type must meet specific criteria.

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