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Commodity Code(s): 935-00, 991-310, 340-220

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RFQ No: Q2020-00003-3
Due Date: 9/3/2019 at 3 p.m.
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Pre-Proposal Conference: Recommended - 8/20/2019 10:00 AM Lake County Animal Control 28123 County Rd 561 Tavares 32778
Permitting/Licensing Required: Yes
RFQ Contact
Name: Sandra Rogers
Phone: (352) 343-9832
Terms and conditions governing this quotation are attached hereto. Insurance requirements, if applicable, are also attached hereto as part of this document. As this price request constitutes an inquiry, and not an order, it implies no obligation to purchase on the part of Lake County.

Install conduit and wire for fire alarm system

All prices submitted are to be on the form below in accordance with all terms and conditions set forth in this Request for Quotation. Prices quoted should be in unit of measure shown. Any award resulting from this RFQ will be made to the responsive, responsible vendor which offers the lowest price on an aggregate basis. If award is noted to be made on an aggregate basis, any vendor response that fails to include pricing for all items may be rejected.

Prices shall be quoted F.O.B. Destination – inside delivery, freight included and shall be inclusive of all costs. Current and/or anticipated applicable fuel costs should be considered and included in the price quoted.

Work must be completed within 45 days after issuance of purchase order or notice to proceed.

Supporting Documents

Below are supporting documents that have been added to this RFQ. Please be sure to review these documents prior to responding to this RFQ.

DescriptionDetailsQuantityUnit of MeasureUnit PriceExtended Price
Conduit and wire installation

Lake County is requesting quotes to have the free air fire alarm system installed in conduit at our Animal Control building located at 28123 County Rd 561, Tavares, 32778.  All components such as but not limited to junction boxes, hangers, conduit, and appropriate fire alarm wire, that are needed to properly install, shall be included in the quote.  The current components/devices such as, but not limited to, smoke detectors, horn/strobes, etc., that are being utilized in the building are new and will be re-used.  It will be the responsibility of the contractor to attach all existing fire alarm devices to the newly installed wiring.  


The existing system shall be kept in working order while the conduit is being installed.  The switch over to the new wiring shall be arranged so that there is minimal down time with no fire alarm protection.  The contractor shall have the proper licenses needed to work on fire alarm systems. 


1Lot $______________ $______________

The building department will require a drawing showing the location of the existing devices and the scope of work to pull a permit.  Lake County will supply a drawing of the building to the contractor that is selected to complete the project. 

All conduit, junction boxes, and devises can be installed below the drop ceiling grid.  Special attention will need to be given to insure there is proper support for the conduit and devices being installed. 


1  $______________ $______________
Total Price: ___________________________

Specifications and/or Special Conditions




a)      For purposes of this Agreement, the term “contract documents” includes all bid documents, drawings, the Statement of Work, attachments to this Agreement, and provisions within this Agreement, along with any change orders or amendments to this Agreement.


b)      It is the intent of the contract documents to describe a functionally complete Project/Service which defines the scope of work.  Any work, materials, or equipment that may reasonably be inferred from the contract documents as being required to produce the intended result shall be supplied whether or not specifically called for.  When words which have a well-known technical or trade meaning are used to describe work, material or equipment, such words shall be interpreted in accordance with that meaning.  Reference to standard specifications, manuals or codes of any technical society, organization or association or to the laws or regulations of any governmental authority having jurisdiction over the Project/Service, whether such reference be specified or by implication, shall mean the latest standard specification, manual, code, law or regulation in effect at the time the work performed, unless specifically stated otherwise herein.


c)      The contract documents and all referenced standards cited therein are essential parts of the contract requirements.  A requirement occurring in one is binding as though occurring in all. 


d)     Drawings and specifications are intended to agree and be mutually complete. Any item not contained within the drawings, but contained in the specifications, or vice-versa, shall be provided and/or executed as shown in either the drawing or specification at no extra costs to the COUNTY. Should anything not included in either the drawing and/or the specifications be necessary for the proper construction and/or operation of the Project/Service as herein specified, or should any error or disagreement between the specifications and drawings exist or appear to exist, the CONTRACTOR shall not derive unjust benefit thereby, or use such disagreement counter to the best interests of the COUNTY. The CONTRACTOR shall immediately notify the COUNTY’s Project Manager of any discrepancy and await the Project Manager’s direction before proceeding with the work in question.


2.               ERRORS AND OMISSIONS


The CONTRACTOR shall not take advantage of any apparent error or omission in the contract documents.  If any error or omission appears in the contract documents, the CONTRACTOR shall immediately notify the COUNTY in writing of such errors or omissions.  In the event the CONTRACTOR knows or should have known of any error or omission and failed to provide such notification, the CONTRACTOR shall be deemed to have waived any claim for increased time or compensation the CONTRACTOR may have had and the CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the results and the costs of rectifying any such error or omission.


3.            PAYMENT  HOURLY RATE


a)  The COUNTY shall pay and CONTRACTOR shall accept, as full and complete payment for the timely and complete performance of its obligations hereunder as provided in the Pricing Schedule which is attached as Attachment C to this Agreement and which is made a part of this Agreement by reference.


b)      A fixed lump sum price represents the CONTRACTOR’s base bid plus the optional portion of the Project/Service, including all applicable taxes, materials, labor, supervision, fuel, permits, licenses, management and overhead, unless a duly authorized change order has been issued in accordance with the COUNTY's purchasing policies and procedures. 


c)      Any hourly rate quoted shall be deemed to provide full compensation to the CONTRACTOR for labor, supervision, equipment use, travel time, and all other costs associated with providing the services needed to satisfactorily complete all work provided.  This rate is assumed to be at straight-time for all labor, except as otherwise noted.


d)      All incidental parts and materials that have a cost of $25.00 or less, needed to complete the work as specified within this scope of service, shall be considered part of overhead and shall be included in the CONTRACTOR’s hourly labor rate.  At no time shall there be a charge less than $25.00 showing on an invoice.


e)      In the event that the CONTRACTOR needs to rent a piece of equipment to complete the work being assigned, prior approval from the Project Manger shall be required.  The cost of the rental shall be indicated on the estimate and the invoice.  A copy of the invoice for the rental equipment shall be included with the invoice. The Contactor shall be allowed to assess a percentage of up to fifteen (15) percent over the cost of the rental.  A copy of the rental invoice to the CONTRACTOR shall accompany the invoice being submitted to the COUNTY.  There will be no allowance for rental if it is reasonably ascertained that the equipment is needed to complete the work as outlined in the scope of work.


f)    The Contractor shall submit an original invoice to the County’s Project Manager after each service has been completed.  Submittal of these invoices shall not exceed ten (10) calendar days beyond the date the service was completed.  Under no circumstances shall the invoices be submitted to the County in advance of the delivery and acceptance of the items or service. All invoices shall be accompanied by the PDF documentation required in the record keeping portion of this scope of services. The pricing section shall include the hours of labor, labor rate (based on the bid price), and total cost for the hours worked.  The invoice shall also include the price of the part to the Contractor, the percentage of markup, the total percentage markup cost, and the total of the part.  The example below shall be included on all invoices from the Contractor to include any from a subcontractor:


Widget                        = 25.00

10 % markup               =   2.50

Total Part cost             = 27.50

<span style="mso-b

Ship To:

Animal Control
28123 County Rd 561
Tavares, FL 32778

Certain insurance requirements apply to any purchase in response to this RFQ: Yes

If "yes" is specified above, the specific requirements are described within this RFQ. The vendor selected for award must provide a Certificate of Insurance that clearly complies with the stated insurance requirements prior to issuance of any purchase order. Failure to do so within the requested timeframe (five (5) working days under otherwise noted) may be cause for rejection of that vendor's response.




I acknowledge and agree to abide by all conditions contained in this quotation as well as any special instruction sheet(s) if applicable. Payment terms 30 Days from receipt of materials and/or services and receipt of a proper invoice; delivery FOB Destination – Inside Delivery.

Company Name ____________________________________ Signature ____________________________________
Address ____________________________________

Name/Title ____________________________________
Phone ____________________________________ Fax ____________________________________
Email ____________________________________ FEIN No _______-______________________ Date: ___________
License Number ____________________________________    
Prompt payment discount: ______% if paid within ______ days.

Reciprocal Vendor Preference

Vendors are advised the County has established, under Lake County Code, Chapter 2, Article VII, Sections 2-221 and 2-222; a process under which a local vendor preference program applied by another county may be applied in a reciprocal manner within Lake County. The following information is needed to support application of the Code

Primary Business Location: City: _____________________________ State: ________
Does this business maintain a significant physical location in Lake County at which employees are located and business is regularly transacted? _____Yes _____No
If "yes", provide supporting detail:



Insurance Requirements

Vendor shall provide proof of insurance capabilities, including but not limited to, the requirements of this Solicitation. Coverage does not have to be in effect prior to a Purchase Order or Contract being executed by the County.

Awarded Vendor (Contractor) shall provide an original certificate of insurance reflecting coverage in accordance with the requirements of this Exhibit B within five (5) working days of such request. It must be received and accepted by the County prior to Contract execution and before any work begins.

Contractor shall provide and maintain insurance policies with a company(ies) authorized to do business in the State of Florida, and which are acceptable to the County, insuring the Contractor against any and all claims, demands, or causes of action whatsoever, for injuries received or damage to property relating to the performance of duties, services, or obligations of the Contractor under the terms and provisions of the Contract without cost or expense to the County during the entire term of any Contract. Contractor is responsible for timely provision of certificates of insurance to the County at the Certificate Holder address evidencing conformance with the Contract requirements at all times throughout the term of the Contract.

Such policies of insurance, and confirming certificates of insurance, must insure the Contractor is in accordance with the following minimum limits:

General Liability insurance on forms no more restrictive than the latest edition of the Occurrence Form Commercial General Liability policy (CG 00 01) of the Insurance Services Office or equivalent without restrictive endorsements, with the following minimum limits and coverage:

Each Occurence/General Aggregate $500,000
Products-Completed Operations $500,000
Personal & Adv. Injury $500,000
Fire Damage $50,000
Medical Expense $5,000
Contractual Liability Included

Automobile liability insurance, including owned, non-owned, and hired autos with the following minimum limits and coverage:

Combined Single Limit $300,000
Bodily Injury (per person) $100,000
Bodily Injury (per accident) $300,000
Property Damage $100,000

Workers’ compensation insurance based on proper reporting of classification codes and payroll amounts in accordance with Chapter 440, Florida Statutes, and any other applicable law requiring workers’ compensation (Federal, maritime, etc.). If not required by law to maintain workers’ compensation insurance, the Contractor must provide a notarized statement to not hold the County responsible for any payment or compensation.

Employers Liability insurance with the following minimum limits and coverage:

Each Accident $100,000
Disease-Each Employee $100,000
Disease-Policy Limit $500,000

Professional liability and specialty insurance (medical malpractice, engineers, architect, consultant, environmental, pollution, errors and omissions, etc.) as applicable, with minimum limits of $500,000 and annual aggregate of $1,000,000.

The following additional coverage must be provided if a dollar value is inserted below:

Loss of Use at coverage value: 0.00
Garage Keepers Liability at coverage value: 0.00

Lake County, a Political Subdivision of the State of Florida, and the Board of County Commissioners, must be named as additional insured as the County’s interest may appear on all applicable liability insurance policies.

The certificates of insurance, must provide for a minimum of thirty (30) days prior written notice to the County of any change, cancellation, or nonrenewal of the provided insurance. It is the Contractor’s specific responsibility to ensure that any such notice is provided within the stated timeframe to the County.

Contractor must provide a copy of all policy endorsements reflecting the required coverage, with Lake County listed as an additional insured along with all required provisions to include waiver of subrogation at time of Contract. Contracts cannot be completed without this required insurance documentation. (Note: A simple COI WILL NOT be accepted in lieu of the policy endorsements).

Certificates of insurance must identify the applicable solicitation number in the Description of Operations section of the Certificate. Certificate Holder must be:

P.O. BOX 7800
TAVARES, FL 32778-7800

Certificates of insurance must evidence a waiver of subrogation in favor of the County, that coverage will be primary and noncontributory, and that each evidenced policy includes a Cross Liability or Severability of Interests provision, with no requirement of premium payment by the County.

Contractor will be responsible for subcontractors and subcontractors’ insurance. Subcontractors must provide certificates of insurance to the Contractor evidencing coverage and terms in accordance with the Contractor’s requirements.

All self-insured retentions must appear on the certificates and will be subject to approval by the County. At the option of the County, the insurer must reduce or eliminate such self-insured retentions, or the Contractor or subcontractor must procure a bond guaranteeing payment of losses and related claims expenses.

The County will be exempt from, and in no way liable for, any sums of money, which may represent a deductible or self-insured retention in any insurance policy. The payment of such deductible or self-insured retention will be the sole responsibility of the Contractor or subcontractor providing such insurance.

Failure to obtain and maintain such insurance as set out above will be considered a breach of Contract and may result in termination of the Contract for default.

Neither approval by the County of any insurance supplied by the Contractor or subcontractors, nor a failure to disapprove that insurance, will relieve the Contractor or subcontractors of full responsibility for liability, damages, and accidents as set forth in this solicitation or any Contract arising from this solicitation.