Lake County Government Organization Chart
Fiscal Year 2021

This is how the Lake County Government Offices are structured.
Fiscal Year 2021 - Revised

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The residents of Lake County, FL are the county leaders. The Lake County Board of County Commissioners follows their lead.

  • Residents of Lake County

    • Board of County Commissioners Doug Shields (District 1)
      Sean Parks (District 2 - Chairman)
      Kirby Smith (District 3)
      Leslie Campione (District 4)
      Josh Blake (District 5)
      • County Manager Alan Rosen
        • Deputy County Manager Jennifer Barker
          • Public Safety Director Thomas Carpenter
            • Office of Emergency Management Open
            • Office of Fire Rescue Jim Dickerson
            • Office of Emergency Medical Services Jerry Smith
            • Office of Public Safety Support Greg Holcomb
            • Office of County Probation Tony Deaton
          • Information Technology Department Erikk Ross
          • Office of Management and Budget Allison Teslia
          • Office of Procurement Services Ronald Falanga
          • Office of Communications Levar Cooper
        • Executive Office Manager Niki Booth
        • Assistant County Manager Fred Schneider
          • Public Works Department
            • Office of Public Works Operations
            • Office of Engineering Services Jeff Earhart
            • Office of Transit Services Jill Brown
            • Office of Facilities Management Wesley Jones
            • Office of Fleet Management Joseph Blackwell
        • Assistant County Manager Mary Hamilton (Interim)
          • Office of Extension Services Megan Mann
          • Office of Parks and Trails Bobby Bonilla
          • Office of Housing & Community Services Maria Abdoulkarim
          • Office of Library Services George Taylor
          • Office of Animal Services Whitney Boylston
          • Office of Veteran's Services Marissabelle Tighe
        • Human Resources & Risk Management Jim Kovacs
        • Executive Director of Economic Growth Brandon Matulka
          • Office of Building Services Thomas Allen
          • Office of Planning and Zoning Tim McClendon
          • Office of Code Enforcement Glen Guzman
          • Office of Elevate Lake Tracy Garcia
          • Office of Visit Lake Steven Clenney (Interim)
          • Fairgrounds / Special Events Cole Scharlau
      • County Attorney Melanie Marsh